Find and join conversations about the books you love on Twitter


This site was inspired by a post from Ian Greenleigh which was then featured in Seth Godin's post at the Domino Project.

The idea put forward by Ian is that all books should have an official hashtag for use on Twitter. We think this is a brilliant idea that will help authors to engage with their audience and allow people to join the conversations happening around books.

There are a couple of limitations to using the Twitter search however:

  1. The search only brings back the last couple of days results for a particular hashtag
  2. How to find the relevant or official hashtag for a book (assuming the author or publisher has not included it somewhere on the book)

Book#Hashtags solves these issues by storing Tweets which means that you can see the full conversation for a book at any time and by aiming to become the place to find the official hashtags for your favourite books.

We are aware that the list of books on the site is still quite small but that is something we are working on by reaching out to authors and publishers to provide unique hashtags for each of their books.

What makes a good hashtag?

A good hashtag tries to satisfy several requirements:

  1. Easy to use - quick to type, doesn't use up too many of your 140 characters, basically, the shorter the better.
  2. Unique - you want to be able to create a tag that identifies your book tweets and nothing else so that people can find the conversation without having to wade through tweets about unrelated topics.
  3. Consistent - once a tag is chosen stick with it. The conversation becomes diluted if multiple tags are being used for the same topic/book.

A naming convention that works well, and is already being used by some publishers, is to create a hashtag using the first letter of each word in the book title and then adding the name of the publisher to this.

For example Poke the Box by Seth Godin at the Domino Project is using the hashtag #ptbDomino.

Calling all authors and publishers!

If you re an author or a publisher and you would like your book and hashtag included on the site then use the add book/hashtag page or get in touch.